My name is Alicia. I'm a wife and a mom of two amazing teenage boys, follower of Christ and I love sharing knowledge, hope, inspiration, and joy with others.

My family and I live in the Golden State and we love being together. It doesn't really matter what we're doing, as long as it's together. We’ve got a couple cats, a dog and at any given time you might find us playing board games, watching movies, taking trips or yard-saleing.

I started this blog to inspire moms and wives to live their best life every day.

Jesus is my source of hope and strength and I consider it part of my purpose to help others walk in victory. I graduated with a BA from Southeastern (SEU) in Ministry Leadership so I use the knowledge gained there to help moms and wives grow closer to Christ as well as learn to bless their families from the inside out.

In addition, I love using essential oils and herbs in the creation of my own body care products. I am always creating new recipes and I thought others might like them as well.

My favorite past times are reading, crocheting or working on one of my many DIY projects. (yes, full-fledged nerd here:) )

So, how can my blog help you?

If your a mom or wife who needs encouragement and you want to grow in your walk with the Lord, then you’ll definitely find that here (with no sugar coating). I share hope and truth while helping you learn new ways to live more naturally and healthy with the Lord at the center.

A few of my favorite topics to write about are Christianity, health, wellness, family, homemaking, and of course DIY body products.

I am open for guest posting, sponsored posts, interviews and maybe more. Just ask!

How To Contact Me

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