Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage essential oil is a must-have essential oil to keep in your cupboard.The properties have been found to treat acne, wrinkles, and even uplift your mood. The benefits of this amazing oil range from being an antiseptic to helping with depression.

Clary sage essential oil

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Clary Sage essential oil is a must-have for your essential oil pantry. It's been known to fight wrinkles, uplift spirits, and it's also an antiseptic. #clarysage #fightwrinkles #essentialoil

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With so many essential oils out there it can seem overwhelming. This post should help you gain a better understanding of Clary Sage essential oil and its benefits.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a certified aromatherapist. Please use your essential oils with caution. Read the full disclaimer here. This post contains affiliate links. Read more here. Enjoy the post.

A Little History

Clary Sage is native to Europe. but cultivated around the world. It is either a biennial or perennial and grows up to 3 feet with pink, white or blue flowers. The extraction process takes place by steam distillation of the flowering tops and leaves.

This herb was highly esteemed by people during the Middle Ages although it’s not so popular now. But it should be! Way back in the 1500’s, it was used to brew ale and added to wine. Yes, it has the ability to increase toxification, therefore it shouldn’t be used when drinking alcoholic beverages.

Topical and Olfactory Uses

Clary Sage Essential Oil is known to have properties that are antiseptic, anti-convulsive, anti-depressant, antispasmodic, anti-stress, astringent, calmative, deodorant, cell regenerator, emollient, tonic, tonifying, uplifting, digestive, uterine (menstrual cramps), and of course healing the skin. It can even be put in perfumes.

Clary Sage works so well as a calmative product that its not recommended to use before driving. It can be used topically in massage oils, to treat dandruff, inflamed skin, for aches and pains, wrinkles and also works well for hormonal issues. Check out my recipe here to help with hormonal issues.

In aromatherapy, it can be put in diffusers, applied to lamp rings, or a mist spray. In addition, it can be used as an aphrodisiac.

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Clearly, Clary Sage is among one of the most beneficial essential oils out there. Due to it effectiveness, please use caution when using, it’s quite potent. A carrier oil is recommended with the application of this oil.


Clary Sage essential oil pairs well with Lavender, Sweet Orange, Sage, Rosemary, Lime, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Geranium, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Jasmine.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

I hope you’ve been inspired to incorporate Clary Sage essential oil into your daily routine. I’d love to hear about your special blends with this oil or any other, feel free to comment below.

Have a blessed day!