DIY Calming Facial Toner

Our skin goes through a lot and our faces are the first thing people see. Weather, hormones, product application and more can affect how our skin appears.

In order to try and improve the skin’s appearance, I created a calming toner containing skin-loving ingredients.

DIY Calming facial toner

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DIY Calming Facial Toner. Calm, hydrate and moisturize the skin with this easy toner. Made with all-natural ingredients to soothe and clean skin #diybeauty #cucumberextract #calmingfacialtoner

Depending on what you may be going through, your skin can sometimes pay the price. Even if you’ve never had an issue with acne, you might have had an issue with dryness, skin elasticity or even large pores.

My hope is this toner will help combat those issues and leave your face looking smooth and feeling great.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a certified aromatherapist. Please use your essential oils with caution. Read full disclaimer here. This site contains affiliate links. Read more here. Enjoy the post.

The ingredients in this toner all have super awesome benefits. Each one contains valuable elements to produce the harmonious blend that is so wonderful for your skin.

Staying hydrated with infused water containing fruits and veggies will also help your skin’s appearance.

Staying hydrated with infused water containing fruits and veggies will also help your skin’s appearance.

Cucumbers themselves are renown for their ability to hydrate. A slice of cucumber is refreshing and satisfying. This tasty fruit contains fiber, potassium, and vitamins such as C, K, and Manganese.

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That being said, allowing cucumbers to sit in water produces an infused treat for your body and for our purposes today, our skin.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent. It helps to balance out the skin’s Ph and tighten pores. Aloe Vera Gel is excellent for cooling the skin as well as tightening pores while it moisturizes.


Cucumber extract is one of the best moisturizing products for the skin. It is filled with lipids, vitamin C, and a variety of minerals. In addition, similar to witch hazel, it’s astringent properties help to tighten pores. (Not sure which cucumber extract is good, try this one.)

Chamomile essential oil is extremely calming for the mind and body. After the essential oil is made, something called azulene is formed and this is used as an excellent way to reduce inflammation. It’s also great for sleep and digestive issues.

Lavender essential oil is one of my favorites. I love, love, love lavender essential oil. It has properties that help heal the skin, considered an anti-depressant, and it smells amazing.

If you’d like more information about Lavender essential oil. Check out my post here.

Finally, we have Sweet Orange essential oil. This is also one of my favorites. It’s got a fantastic uplifting scent. It’s great for cleaning and has antibacterial properties that make it a terrific essential oil for the skin.


  • 3 oz Witch Hazel

  • 2 oz Cucumber Water

  • 1 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel

  • 1/2 Tsp Cucumber Extract

  • 4 drops Chamomile Essential Oil

  • 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil

  • 1 drop Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    Click here for the printable.


- Combine all ingredients into a bottle, glass preferred, shake gently, apply to a cotton ball or round. Gently, smooth over face. Follow with a moisturizer if desired.


How often you need to use this will really be up to you. I recommend once a day preferably at night after you have washed your face and before you put on moisturizer.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Have a blessed day!