Get Motivated To Work Out-5 Easy Ways


Staying motivated to work out can be so hard sometimes.

There are lots of ways to stay motivated and I’ve found a few easy tricks that help me and I am excited to share them with you.

Sometimes when life gets in the way, we have to miss a day of working out, then that day becomes two days and then three and so on and…well, you get the idea.

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I have discovered some super simple things to do that I’m sure will help you get past that uggghh feeling and GET MOTIVATED. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out before or if you’ve just gone off track, these tricks will help guide you back to where you want to be.

1. Make Up Your Mind First Thing In The Morning


When I wake up in the morning and after my coffee, because let’s face it, I’m really no good until I’ve got a little caffeine in me, I do my devotionals and then I make a conscious decision that at some point that day I WILL work out.

Once you let your brain know that you have a “job” to do that day, it won’t let you rest until you’ve done it. This leads me into the second thing I do that gets me motivated.

2. Speak Positively and Out Loud

Speak positively to yourself

Our words are powerful and we can speak life or we can speak death. Once you get into the practice of speaking out loud that you will be working out that day and that you are strong and that you can accomplish that task, things begin to change.

It’s like a switch that gets turned on. Positivity is so powerful and speaking out positivity is like a trillion times more powerful. And that’s a lot!

3. Motivational Pictures and Quotes

Find whatever pictures work for you and post them where you know you’ll see them

Find whatever pictures work for you and post them where you know you’ll see them

Find whatever pictures work for you and post them where you know you’ll see them

In my bathroom, I hope that’s not too much information, I have tons of toned body pictures hanging on the wall as well as quotes that keep me motivated. Posting things up keeps them in your view which in turn makes you want to go and work out.

I recommend changing these often or even moving them around as after a while, we become accustomed to seeing things in the same place all the time.

4. Turn Off The Electronics

Take time to be in silence to mentally prepare for your work out. Unless, of course, you are watching work out videos. But even if you are, it’s a good idea to turn them off and start with getting your workout clothes on and a warm-up.

It’s so easy to get trapped into the next post or the next picture and by turning off your phone or computer for even a few minutes, it lets your mind refocus on your work out.

5. Pinterest Board

Boards can be helpful in staying motivated

Chances are you saw this post on Pinterest and already have a work out board. But if you don’t, make one! Start following people who post work out inspiration and ideas. Then you’ll see these posts in your feed and you’ll once again be reminded that you need to work out.

And while you’re at, might as well make a healthy eats board and follow some bloggers who make healthy recipes.

To get you started, check out Kailey at Living Fresh Daily. She focuses on plant-based healing and nutrition with lots of tasty recipes. Alyssa at Simply Quinoa also has amazing, healthy recipes.



Stop buying junk food. If your fridge and cupboards are filled with only good, whole foods, then you are more apt to stay motivated.

Working out can be fun but it’s hard work and why put all that hard work to waste. Eating healthy is the best way to keep your body in shape and help you to feel better, hence, more working out, hence feeling better, hence… again, you get the idea.

I also recommend Vegin’ Out (see below). They are a vegan based meal delivery company offering healthy food choices, with gluten-free options. Plus they just launched a new 5-day vegan cleanse.

Being someone who has gone around the un-motivated mountain a few times, I have found these work out motivation tips invaluable in keeping me on the right track. I hope they so they same for you.

Have a blessed day!


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