6 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

Have you been feeling down and out lately? Well, let's fix that. I've got 6 easy ways to get out of that funk and get back on track. These tips are sure to help you shake off that heaviness and find some joy.

what does it mean to be in a funk?

Being in a funk is kinda like walking with a dark, maybe gray cloud over you. It's not quite full-on depression but you know you're not really feeling yourself. You may find it hard to smile or laugh or you may have low energy. You might even slack on your eating habits and other daily activities. Putting effort into anything is hard, you just don't feel like it.

That's where these 6 ways to get out of a funk come in. I've got a few ideas to help you lift off the burdens that you carry and start feeling like yourself again.

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More than once, I've found myself in this place and it is not fun. Actually, these tips are part of self-care which is an important aspect of life. So, what are these 6 ways to get out of a funk? Let's check them out.

  • Turn On Music

  • Read Your Bible

  • Space

  • Get Out Of Town

  • Get A Hair Cut

  • Pray Through

You may have to try more than of these ideas to help you start feeling alright. My suggestion...go with 2-3 and really get yourself pumped.

1. Turn On Music

Music has and always will soothe the savage beast. Think about it. What happens when you put on your favorite song? You start singing and maybe even dancing (which I totally encourage) and you feel yourself start to let go a little bit. When things are getting to you, try putting on some upbeat music, nothing hum drum please and start to shake off that funk with some fun.


Try putting on some Toby Mac or Finding Favor. Their music is uplifting and you just can't help sing along and dance. Even if you're in the car, you can seat dance. Who cares if anyone sees you. Check out a Toby Mac song here.

2. Read Your Bible

Daily Bible reading is something that should be practiced every day. And if you do, kudos. And if you don't, well, I highly recommend it. The Bible is our sword. Inside we find words to ignite our spirit and fill us with hope. God has provided us with everything we need to combat anything.

Addiction, depression, sadness, anxiety, temptation and even just the ol' run of the mill funk are no match to the Word of God.

Now, say you do read your Bible every day and you still feel blah. Might I suggest, adding in a little more reading to bump you up to a different level or try reading a book in the Bible that you don't read often. I am a huge fan of the Psalms.

There is so much encouragement and strength in those pages that I when I read them, especially out loud, I find myself being filled with power.

3. Space

This one can be huge for some people. We are constantly pulled in a ton of different directions and sometimes we just need to be by ourselves to gather our thoughts and take a time out. A good time out. By nature, I am an introvert and if I am out around people too much, I become withdrawn and so quite often, I have to take some time to recharge.

You may not be an introvert like me but it's still valuable to create some space between you and others if only to see situations with more clarity. Our brains get bogged down with so much daily information that we don't always get to process it right away.

That's when getting some space can really help. You have time to evaluate things and/or people to obtain a fresh outlook.

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4. Go Out Of Town

Yay! Road Trip! I love taking road trips. Mostly just for the day cuz I am a homebody for the most part but the occasional road trip can be so invigorating. Going somewhere new or revisiting a favorite place can jump start a good mood. Taking in the sights and maybe eating at a new restaurant can inspire you in your own home.

Whether you enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waves at the beach or viewing the majestic mountains, getting out of town can certainly increase your endorphins and get you out of that funk. No matter where you go, make it memorable so on tough days you can remember and relish in what a great time you had.

5. Get A Hair Cut

Taking a trip to your stylist might just be the "umpf" you need to pull you back up into a joyful state of mind. Whenever I leave my hair appointments, I know I look good which makes me feel good. In fact, just recently, I had my hairdresser update my style to something that was a little more flattering for my face and boy oh boy, did it put a smile on my face.

In addition to a hair cut, if it's in your budget, you might consider updating a wardrobe or even just buying a new pair of shoes. (I. Love. Shoes.) While I enjoy going to the department stores to shop, I am a thrift store kinda gal so pairing an awesome hair cut with some new clothes just might be all you need.

6. Pray Through

Oftentimes, no matter what we do, we just can't break that overwhelming sense of the blahs. That's when you gotta step up your prayer life. Seek after the One who created you. Ask Him to lift you up and fill you with His unspeakable joy. He is always there ready to help. No matter the struggle, He can provide a way out.

Open up your heart in prayer and offer yourself to the Lord as a willing vessel to be refilled and renewed. Tell Him your pain, your worries, and your concerns. Pray for healing and restoration. Ask Him for revelation. You never know what He wants to say to you or what He's trying to accomplish through you.

What I do know, is that the more time you spend in prayer, the more peace you can obtain.

Fighting The doldrums is easy with these 6 ways to get out a funk


Life comes at us full force with ups and downs aplenty. I hope these tips have inspired you to shake off the heaviness and shatter that funky feeling to pieces. Lift yourself up and smile, you are incredible.

Have a blessed day!


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