17 Best Resources For The Eco-Friendly Mom

If you’re a mom who prefers to spoil their family with organic, all-natural, and eco-friendly products, this post contains a list of super awesome companies who carry some of the best eco-friendly products on the market.

Trying to find reputable and truly eco-friendly companies can be difficult so I did the work for you and found 17 remarkable companies that partake in sustainable, environmentally friendly practices with their production processes.

This resource list is filled with a huge range of eco-friendly products from beds and bedding to food delivery and clothing. Not to mention pet products for spoiling the other members of our family.

17 Resources for eco-friendly mom

If you’re a mom who prefers to spoil their family with organic, all-natural, and eco-friendly products, this post contains a list of super awesome companies who carry some of the best eco-friendly products on the market.  Trying to find reputable and truly eco-friendly companies can be difficult so I did the work for you and found 17 remarkable companies that partake in sustainable, environmentally friendly practices with their production processes. #ecofriendly #gogreen #momlife

Many of these companies are also fair trade which means you get a quality product while helping to provide a reliable income for the makers and artists in other countries. Essentially, it’s doing good for the whole world.

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Buying products that are eco-friendly is one way to help the environment but there are lots of other ways that we can live an eco-friendly lifestyle. We can learn to grow our own food, eat less meat, and make sure we recycle as much as possible.

Pursuing God Within The Natural Lifestyle

I am one of those moms who love the all-natural way of life and I firmly believe God has blessed us with many plants and herbs to live a natural lifestyle. That being said, today’s world makes it hard to live a completely natural lifestyle but the more we can partake in helping the environment and the world around us, the better off we are.

Making small changes such as bike riding, car-pooling, and walking to the store all add up and we’ve got our kids to think about, right?

Enjoy the list. I hope you find something to help your family along in their eco-friendly lifestyle!

1. Our Green House

Our Green House is an organic gift basket company. You can make your own gift basket from the items you find or purchase a pre-made basket. Choose from baby gift baskets, home gift baskets, pregnancy gift baskets, retirement gift baskets, or even pet gift baskets. Of course, you can also purchase items separately.

They even offer themed gift baskets such as a jungle theme or farm theme.

Their goal is to have simple, eco-friendly available to everyone. And I gotta tell you, they’ve got some pretty adorable items. Definitely check them out for some unique gifts.

2. Mighty Nest

Mighty Nest is a monthly membership company that provides products that are free of BPA, Phthalates, and lead as well as make green living fun and simple. They carry green cleaning products, wellness products, pet products, and more.

Exclusive “MightyFix” membership offers FREE shipping every month as well as 35% off favorite products. In addition, right now, they are offering 3 dryer balls with sign up. Not too shabby if you ask me.

3. Attitude

Attitude is a privately and family-owned company with a passion for creating products that clean and preform better than their synthetic counterparts. Product selection includes baby, sensitive skin, pregnancy, ezcema, diapers, wipes, household, and more.

In fact, they carry over 100 EWG (Environmental Working Group) verified products.


They offer an air purification line with some interesting products. An what’s more, their infant line is called “Baby Leaves.” What a sweet name. The company is based in Canada but don’t let that stop from checking out their offerings. You never know.

4. Saatva

Saatva is a luxury but affordable mattress company. They have received a 4.8 out of 5 on Google ratings and Mens Journal have called them the best mattress for athletes. The mattresses themselves are made in the USA with sustainable and eco-friendly products.

They choose to produce their amazing mattresses with organic cotton, springs made with recycled metal, an exclusive antimicrobial fabric treatment to inhibit the growth of bacteria for the life of the mattress. The memory foam is also made with eco-friendly materials.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, the offer a 120-night trial making it easy to live green even in the bedroom. We just recently purchased a mattress but if we hadn’t, I certainly would have given Saatva a try. They look so soft.

5. The Natural Baby Company

The Natural Baby Company actually started out as an eco-friendly diapering system but grew into a full line of all-natural baby products. They offer health and wellness items as well as baby gear, carriers, feeding product, and of course cloth diapers.

I will say not everything is organic or 100% cotton but it is all environmental friendly. If you’re looking for unique toys made with non-toxic material, they’ve got it.

In addition, they offer a rewards program and a whole section is dedicated to finding the right cloth diapering system for you.

6. So Well

So Well is a unique eco-friendly company to say the least. You will find Himalayan salt lamps, organic skin care, kitchen items, and bath & body products.

Under the So Well story, it says, “Our unique “living products” are freshly handcrafted in small batches, energetically enhanced, vegan, natural and organic, fair trade and eco-friendly.”

Their expansive line of salt lamps come in many colors and are all one-of-a kind, created by hand. Salt lamps are said to use the ionic energy in the air to purify the air. And we all know, our outside environment these days contains tons of toxins and a little cleansing couldn’t hurt.


Their packaging is recyclable and reusable. If you love the idea of cleansing the air naturally and treating your family to creatively organic products, I recommend you take a look. With a full line of essential oils and even sea salt caramels, you won’t be disappointed.

7. Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom another gift box company. They carry organic, all-natural, non-toxic products. You can choose a subscription or you can buy just a box. They offer a line for soon-to-be-moms in the different stages of pregnancy as well as gift subscriptions through toddlerhood.

They also offer a baby essential bundle as well as a self-care box specially made for pampering moms. They are committed to selling products that meet with their values. Rest assured, when purchasing from Ecocentric Mom, you are partaking in a cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free company.

And from the looks of it, the subscription boxes are overflowing with goodness. Not to mention, if you’re kids are older like mine, maybe you just want to treat yourself.

8. Purify My

Purify My is a family-owned company dedicated to bring you non-toxic cleaning products that are environmentally safe. They have invented a laundry soap that doesn’t contain any of the irritating chemicals that can harm skin or cause health issues. It’s safe for baby too.

They also carry hand soap and a household cleaner. It is their mission to keep families healthy and free of harmful additives. They have a small starter set which is a great way to get to know their products. Simple, natural, and non-irritating. It’s a win-win.

9. Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama Organics started in the home of a mom/nurse who turned herbalist, creating and sharing her many products. The company carries organic, all-natural products including items such as sunscreen, certified Kosher herbal teas, postpartum products, gifts, and more. Everything from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond.

I have purchased the deodorant sample and was pleased with it. It was fairly effective for an all-natural product. One of my favorite things about Earth Mama is their category dedicated to Baby Loss Comfort for those moms who needs an extra special show of love.

Sure you might pay a little more than the store but I love the fact that the skin isn’t soaking up all that other damaging stuff.

10. Green Blaster

Green Blaster is a line of green cleaning products, bug repellents, and mold killers that are all environmentally safe. They are effective without any harsh chemicals so you can feel good about using them around your family.

What I found interesting was a stainless steel cleaner that safe and effective. Don’t think you can find that many places.

Each product is economical and the packaging is even recyclable. They are committed to making products that are in harmony with nature and totally biodegradable.

11. Grove Collaborative

No eco-friendly list would be complete without adding Grove Co. in it. With the enormous amount of products offered, it’s probably my favorite place to buy all-natural products. They promise value and effectiveness with high-standards.

Their products are non-toxic, plant-based, ingredient transparent, cruelty-free, 100% ethically supplied and sustainable. Two of my favorite products are the Method Heavy Duty Degreaser and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-surface Lemon Verbena.

When you get on the VIP program, you automatically get shipped your preferred products every month or you can change and it ALWAYS ships FREE. Gotta love that.

12. Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts is an award winning company that is all about creating fun activities for kids without leaving a huge carbon footprint. The company was started and still continues to be run by parents, grandparents with backgrounds in science, engineering, education, and art.


They have partnered with Carbon Fund and One Tree Planted to increase sustainability. Their boxes and packaging are made from 100% recycled material. You can find boxes ranging from 2 years old to over 10 years old. There’s also a subscription service.

It’s a really cool website with lots to offer your kids especially from the Bestseller Collection. The boxes are theme and personally, I’d love to play with one of them myself.

12. Tomatoink

Tomatoink is a company that carries environmentally friendly ink cartridges. They have tons of brands and their products are made with re-manufactured cartridges which saves the environment from use of rubber, plastic, steel, and aluminum.

If you’ve got a business, this might be a good fit for you. Shipping cost is low and they’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation for a more sustainable planet. You can even enter your printer model to make the process easier.

13. Earthlove

At Earthlove you will find beautifully curated gift boxes in which you can purchase individually or as a subscription. You can individually shop for products such as reusable cups, T-shirts or one of my favorites, beeswax wraps.

It may seem a little pricey but you get a ton of value. Check out this Limited Edition Earth Day Box.

Their goal is to leave a small footprint while bringing you some amazing products. To live sustainably and eco conscious is one way to show our children love. It’s eco living at it’s finest and with free shipping in the U.S., you can’t go wrong.

14. Babo Botanicals

Babo Botanicals is an award winning company that believes in giving back. Part of their mission is to educate children on gardening and nutrition.

Further,they are partnered with the EWG (Environmental Working Group) as well as having certification from MADE SAFE which means having products free from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, harmful VOC’s, and more.

Their products range from sun care, to baby care, skin care to face and hair care. What I particularly love is their category named By Concern in which you can look up a particular need such as chlorine removal from the skin or stretch mark help and of course everything is organic, all-natural and cruelty-free.

If you or a loved one has sensitive skin, make sure to check out their *New section for a full line of sensitive skin products.

15. Wild Dill

Wild Dill is an organic, fair, and natural product company geared towards babies and toddlers. They support ethical children’s fashion, green products that are made in the USA as well as fair trade. They give back by supporting the Tree Planting Foundation. Their nursery decor is all-natural, made with sustainable materials.

wood stacker

Wild Dill carries some interesting enviro-friendly products. Check out these bracelet teether and the swim diapers. Where were these things when my kids were little?

16. Rothy’s

Rothy’s is a an eco-friendly, sustainable shoe company for women and children using eco-friendly and carbon free material to create super comfy and machine washable shoes. In addition, the shoes are vegan and non-toxic. A fully environmental forward company you can feel good about buying from.

For women, they offer shoe styles such as the flat, the point, the loafer, the sneaker and for children they offer the loafer and the sneaker. And boy, do these shoes look comfortable. My day job is a substitute teacher so I’m on my feet for hours at a time and I’m pretty sure when the school year starts, I’m getting me a pair of these.

17. Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store is just that, ultimate. Home & garden, bath & body, clothing, baby, kids, teens. You name it, they got it. Their bedding is certified organic and their products are environmentally-friendly. They practice sustainability, social responsibility, and eco-friendly production.

You can find shower curtains made without toxic chemicals, backpacks that are use environmentally conscious conservation practices, sleepwear and fitness. If you’ve got a teenager off to college, be sure to view the teen/dorm category for some awesome ideas and even cleaning products. In addition, they have a gift registry and an entire section just for babies.

This store has is definitely the ultimate in the green shopping experience.

17 best resources for the eco-friendly mom

Well, there you go. I hope you found something to benefit your family in their eco-friendly adventures. Be sure to save this for later and please let me know your favorites.

Have a blessed day.


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