Dandelion Rosemary Sore Leg Cream


If you've got sore legs this all-natural remedy can provide relief. Made with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils, this Dandelion Rosemary Sore Leg Cream is an easy alternative to store-bought pain cream.

Dandelion Rosemary Sore Leg Cream

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If you've got sore legs this all-natural remedy can provide relief. Made with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils, this Dandelion Rosemary Sore Leg Cream is an easy alternative to store-bought pain cream. #sorelegs #healingcream #runandjog

The combination of herbs in the cream provides a powerful punch to leg soreness and leg fatigue. Each herb contains vital elements that blend beautifully to promote wellness in the legs. If you are a runner, yoga enthusiast, or even if you sit at a desk all day, this dandelion rosemary sore leg cream can help increase circulation and prevent stiffness.

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Often times when I make lotions and creams for pain, it's with my grandmother in mind. She suffers from a bum knee and arthritis. So, I try to put together custom mixes that will help her move better with less pain.



This recipe is not only inspired by my grandma but by Jan Berry's book Handmade Lotions and Creams. Jan Berry is the name behind the amazing blog The Nerdy Farm Wife. She has created several ebooks to guide you in your DIY product making.

I have learned a great deal from her and thus became an affiliate due to her expertise and informational ebooks and ecourses.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor an aromatherapist. Please use your essential oils with caution. Read full disclaimer here.

What you'll need

Important Note: I realize when you see this list of ingredients with the wax and preservative, you may not want to go any further but let me just say, once you invest in these items, you will absolutely love the results.

The amount of wax you use per recipe is minimal so the bag will last quite a while and the preservative ensures your hard work in making your DIY product doesn't go to waste.

The Goodness Inside

Dandelions are one of the herbs that have a plethora of uses. They can be eaten, used in poultices as well as creams and lotions. Dandelions contain vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Topically, dandelions can help reduce inflammation. And what's super cool is they are usually found in your front yard.


Rosemary is an aromatic herb that helps reduce inflammation and increase circulation. It is also antioxidant rich and the essential oil is considered an antibacterial, as well as help provide pain relief.

Rosemary essential oil should be used with caution around young children, pregnant women, and those with epilepsy.

Olive Oil is full of antioxidants and not only softens the skin but absorbs slowly creating a lasting effect on soreness.

Shea Butter is one of the most popular body butters out there due to its skin nourishing ingredients. It provides a skin barrier that is lasting and rich in vitamins. It also contains fatty acid which, once absorbed, might help the muscles and joints function more efficiently and with less pain.

The Emulsifying Wax NF is what helps to combine the water and oils together. It is a necessary component to the success of this recipe. Unfortunately, beeswax cannot be used for this. It does not provide the same binding results and the ingredient proportions would be different.

Leucidal SF Complete is the preservative I chose for this recipe. Although, there are many choices out there, a preservative does not have to be used. However, you will have to refrigerate your product and use within two weeks as well as adjust ingredient amounts.



The Essential Oils

Each essential oil brings it's own benefits to the table.

Rosemary is excellent for circulatory issues and muscular pain. It is also considered an antiseptic and detoxifier. Read more here.

Lavender essential oil is beneficial for scars and relaxation. It also repels insects and makes great tea. Read more here.

Copaiba essential oil acts as a stabilizer for other essential oils and has been used in beauty regimens for years. Read my guest post "5 Essential Oils You Can't Live Without" which contains more information about Copaiba essential oil.

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Let's Make some Cream

First, you'll need a double boiler or a pan filled with enough water to set the jars in. The water should only come up about 1/4 of the way of the jar.


1. Combine your infused oil and shea butter with the emulsifying wax into a jar.

2. Put distilled water in the other jar.

3. Put jars in pan and heat in pan until wax and shea butter are melted and water is heated.

4. Once melted, pour hot water into wax mixture and stir briskly. The mixture should start to combine.

5. Let cool, stirring occasionally. You can always set the jar into a bowl of ice to speed up cooling. Once temperature reaches 104 degrees, you can add the preservative and essential oils.

Dandelion Rosemary Sore Leg Cream

It may take the emulsifying wax up to 24 hours to reach full thickness. Store at room temperature or the refrigerator. Makes about 3.5 oz. Apply as needed.

This recipe is easy to make and good for the skin. I hope it provides you or a loved one with some all-natural pain relief.

Have a blessed day!


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