Fear, You Don't Own Me

Fear can be crippling and hold us back from so much. We were not made to live in fear. We were made to be victorious and courageous.

Fear can take a hold of us and prevent us from doing God’s will and living life the way He’s intended it. I know, from personal experience that I have missed out on an enormous amount of fun and blessing due to my fear.

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Fear, You Don’t Own Me

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Fear can be crippling and hold us back from so much. We were not made to live in fear. We were made to be victorious and courageous. Fear can take a hold of us and prevent us from doing God’s will and living life the way He’s intended it. #livefree #godsword #nofear

The other morning, as I was making soap, I had my Alexa dot on and I was listening to Christian music. Francesca Battistelli’s latest song came on titled, “The Break-Up Song.” And as I listened to the words, I couldn’t help but be reminded of who I am in Christ. (Click here to listen to the song)

I then felt compelled to write this post because who doesn’t need a reminder of just exactly where their identity lies.

I have struggled my entire life with fear and doubt. It is no easy task that I even write this post sharing that struggle but I know in my heart of hearts, that there are others who deal with this very same thing. I was an overcomer through the blood of Jesus Christ and my purpose is to show others, that they too, can overcome.

As a young child, I was bullied by two classmates. These girls were so mean to me and of course I carried this with me all through high school and adulthood. I grew and changed but I think subconsciously it was always there in the back of mind contributing to my lack of putting myself out there.

When you put yourself out there and get made fun of, it’s makes it real hard to be an outgoing person and try new things. As a result, I suffered from low self-esteem. Not to mention I was insecure beyond belief.

My Identity Lies In Christ Alone

It was only when I was in my 30’s, (yes, my 30’s) that I began to understand who I was in Christ and what He had done for me to be able to live and walk in freedom.

You see, Christ died so I could walk with my head held high. His sacrifice gave me the power to overcome my fears and doubts. Christ’s death and resurrection has given me hope, joy, and peace to live out the rest of my life unafraid because He has already conquered all.

Jesus says that I am loved. He says that I am victorious. He says that I am needed, wanted, important, and valued.

His word tells me that I can do all things through Him. (Philippians 4:13). So that means, when fear tries to rear it’s ugly head, I fight back with scripture. I will not fear for I have Christ living and dwelling in my heart. I am more than a conqueror.

We have an enemy who tries to keep us down and out, bound up with fear, anxiety, depression, doubt, without peace or hope. God says we don’t have to live that way. Jesus’ death will have been for nothing if we continue to allow these things to dwell in our hearts.

You have been set apart and made with purpose. You are meant for more and if no-one has ever told you that you matter, let me be the first. You matter. You matter to God and you matter to the world. Maybe you haven’t yet found your purpose. Maybe you still struggle with self-doubt or hatred or even anger.

Whatever the case may be, you need to know that you are someone who is valued and loved beyond measure. Jesus died so you can be set free. Free from the bondages that hold you back from walking in His truth. You were made to live out your life in joy, peace, and hope of a beautiful future with Him.

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Fear is a lie. Satan uses fear to condemn us and make us think we can’t. But oh, we can. We were made with the Spirit of God inside of us. And if that’s true, then is there anything you can’t do?

Fear, You Don’t Own Me

An abundant life awaits you, when you decide to break up with fear. You have an identity in Christ. You are made whole through His sacrifice. You are strong. You are redeemed. You no longer have to live in sin or doubt.

Fear does not own you. You are victorious and loved. There is no room for doubt, depression, oppression, poverty, substance abuse, anger, or fear. You are a child of God. Made for more. Don’t let fear control you any longer.

Live out His truth. Get filled with what His word says about you.

Have a blessed day!


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