Lavender Essential Oil

If you’re like me, you love essential oils. I have found some of the best topical essential oils and I am anxious to share them with you. Lavender essential oil is one of the most useful and versatile essential oils and it’s pretty much my go-to oil.

Lavender Essential Oil has many uses


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Disclaimer: I am not a certified aromatherapist. These are only my recommendations. Read the full disclaimer here. In addition, this post contains affiliate links. Read more here. Enjoy the post.

The use of essential oils has been around for centuries. And for good reason. Each oil has its own amazing attributes that are easily incorporated into one’s lifestyle.

That being said, let’s get into some other wonderful qualities that Lavender has to offer.

I have been using oils for years and can only say good things about them. I have found them to be healing, uplifting and there’s no limit to the combinations you can put together.

Quality goes a long way when it comes to oils. The better the quality, the more potent they are which means better results.

While I use a variety of brands, Aura Cacia is among my favorites. They smell wonderful and the quality is amazing.

A Little History

There is a huge variety of Lavender plants. And they can be found all over the world. One of the most commonly used for essential oils is True Lavender. This species is Native to the Mediterranean region and the oil is typically extracted by steam distillation.

If you want more information about steam distillation, check out this post by DoTerra. They’ve done a fabulous job with explaining the process.

Topical and Olfactory Uses

Not only does it smell heavenly, the benefits are enormous. From relaxation to healing, it seems almost endless in its applications. I have used it in a roller ball, in a diffuser, on my pillow, and topically.

In fact, a few years ago, while I was doing dishes, I dropped a plate and cut the palm of my hand.

I had to have minor surgery for this because I thought a piece of plate was left in there but the doctor couldn’t find anything. Well, in order to try and disguise the cut he was making in my hand, he cut down the middle line of my hand to try and blend in with my crease.

This was fairly sufficient but there was still a scar. I started using Lavender essential oil on my palm twice a day and the scar virtually diminished.

Some people might not recommend using oils “neat,” which means no dilution as you have to be very careful using any type of oil.

A person can have severe allergic reactions to essential oils and many are not safe for children, pets and pregnant women.

A few of Lavender’s therapeutic properties include being an anti-depressant, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory, In general, it's fantastic for healing the skin and helps with the minimization of scars. Lavender essential oil is considered anti-bacterial, and antiviral.

It’s been said to have an antivenom property that starts neutralizing the poison of a snake bite. It’s also been known to repel insects and kill parasites. Its other uses include optimizing relaxation, inducing calm, and it’s found to be good for the digestive system when made into tea.

But please use caution if ingesting any essential oil. Research, research, research.

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I often put lavender in my bath with some Epsom salts. It’s a fantastic oil for use in body products such as soaps, body butters, bath bombs. A little tip from me…I put one or two drops into my new mascara bottle. It seems to help my lashes grow longer and stronger.


Lavender essential oil blends well with citrus oils such as Orange, Tangerine, and Grapefruit. it also pairs well with Sage, Rosemary and spice oils such as Cinnamon and Clove. Click here for 7 Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipes.

lavender essential oil

Lavender smells amazing and provides a sense of calm. No wonder it’s found in so many products. I frequently mix Lavender, Orange, Vetiver, and Pine in my diffuser for a delightful aroma.

This beautiful aroma permeates my home and brings an uplifting and welcoming feeling to those who enter.

I hope you’ve found some useful information and start incorporating Lavender essential oil into your daily routine.

Have a blessed day!


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